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What True Sin Looks Like

adult phone chat SinHave you ever wondered what Sin looks like? It looks exactly like Me. That is correct. You are laying your eyes upon the embodiment of Sin.

What does that mean exactly? That means that all those sadistic, dark, twisted desires that everyone has can be explored with Me. I cheer you on, I give you what you need, I make sure that you do not pussy out.

I make it all okay. As soon as you express your desires, I make them into reality. I want to help you. I remember one Gentleman who had a taste for the macabre.

The look on his face as we lowered the lifeless body into it’s final resting place was priceless. It was a mixture of guilt and satisfaction. He wept afterward. He asked if I would sit and talk to him for a bit. I had to laugh at this request. I am the Devil not a Priest. I am not here to absolve you of the nasty deeds that are done by your own hands.

I am only here for the fun and degradation of it all, not your guilt. You will have to deal with that on your own.

Cum Covered Tits

adult phone chat cleoI know he loves to cover my tits with his cum. Not many men can cum and be hard again in no time and cum again. He can go like this for hours.It never fails, I beg him to fuck my aching pussy or to shove his dick in my tight and waiting ass. I love being fucked so much and he knows that. But all he ever seems to want to do he jack off or have me jack him off while he covers me in cum. When he is done it looks like I have had a dozen or more men in my room dumping load after load on me. My body is a hot sticky mess. He does let me suck his dick in between long enough to get it rock hard again and he does encourage me to finger my cunt or fuck myself with any of my toys while he plays. Sometimes he will even use my toys on me while I a sucking his cock. One of these days I am going to get him to fuck my deserving holes and he will be hooked!

Dirty Phone Talk? Call Me!

Dirty Phone Talk

I am wild, I’ll do anything you ask me to do! No worries, we’re both adults here. You need someone to tell all your dirty phone talk secrets too. Someone that can take care of that growing boner! Most people are really shocked by how open I am to do anything that their heart desires, and I do not really see why…the more open you are the more fun shit you get to do, I mean really why limit yourself to one kind of sex? You would not limit yourself to only having sex with one person for the rest of your life would you? That is what I thought, NO WAY! It is so much fun to do something new every night and it means that everyone gets a turn! Maybe tonight you will make me your bitch and smack me around and ruthlessly fuck my ass while I cry out in pain, but tomorrow you could be my bitch and have to watch me get fucked by a man with a cock so big it puts yours to shame! I always have some much fun exploring all of my boundaries with you! Just call me to test me, see if I really have no limits, see just how dirty I can get.

Late Night Adult Phone Chat with Therapist Rebecca

adult phone chatI’m Rebecca, a phone sex therapist, and I’m here for you, to discuss those things you can’t share with friends or family. A little late night jackoff porn to get you off. Let my sexy, soft voice put you in a trance. Share with me those warped fantasies that make your cock hard in the middle of the night. Tell me of your desire to suck cock or how your teen stepdaughter is making you crazy. Share your wicked dream of becoming a sissy or crossdresser. Together we can make this happen. Come join me for some adult phone chat.
Maybe you woke up tonight with a rigid fuckstick from the dream you just had. It was wicked and so unlike you. You want to wake your wife up and fuck her. You need sweet release. Call me for a mutual masturbation session. I’ll help you milk every drop from that growling beast of a cock.
I’ll whisper to you and rub my smooth pussy while we talk. Let me teach you to last longer. We’ll start with a 10 min session and work up to an hour, each time making you last longer. When you are finally allowed to orgasm, it will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. Your big penis will love you for it, and so will your woman.
Call me anytime. I am available overnight to handle your most dire emergency. I want to be your new best friend.

I love helping Daddy!

teen phone chatI love to fuck up little ho’s with Daddy. They want to be my friend until they know I’m on his side. They even think I am going to be the one to give in to all their tears and screams for help. Bitch, don’t you see me helping my Daddy? Holding you down, not letting you move while my Daddy forces his cock into you? Let me show you, what a nasty slut you are. You can lick my pussy while my Daddy fucks your cunt. You will do it or I’ll snuff you out so quick, take Daddy’s big cock – I want to hear you begging for my Daddy’s cock through my pussy that I am making you taste. I am going to sit right on your face, bury it right into my wet pussy and Daddy is going to bury your pussy full of his giant cock. Stretch you out you little whore, begging for it and all. Whores like you need their face in the dirt and their ass up in the air. A cock needs to be stuffed into your ass while you eat the dirt. You nasty little bitch with all your tears and spit, just begging for that cock to fuck your ass raw. You know you’ll even be sucking his cock afterwards – sucking it like a greedy cum guzzling whore… but you know what? You’re not done yet – Daddy and I need to see some pain, and some blood!

Mommy is in charge

Kinky fetish porn

I always do what my perverted son wants to do. Tonight mommy is in charge. Put on this mask and get naked. You are going to do everything I fucking tell you. Get on your knees and eat this hairy pussy. Pull mommies pussy lips apart and stick your covered face right into her cunt. Oh my sweet son, do you taste something salty? Mommies cunt is always sweet, but Mommy didn’t tell you that she got filled up with a big black cock while you were gone today.

Dominatrix phone chat

My pussy is filled with big load from a black man. Keep eating my fucking pussy like the good little bitch that you are. Don’t make mommy mad. You know what happens when you make mommy mad don’t you? When mommy is mad she shoves the heel of her favorite shoes up your asshole. I love listening to you cry like a fucking whore as I fuck you with my heel. Eat my fucking pussy, clean out all the nigger cum!

Bubba’s ‘Lil Fuck Toy

adult phone chat DominiqueWho wouldn’t want a little sister like me? I’m a teen, but I know how to please a man. My brothers made sure of that when I was young. I’m a dirty little cocksucker and I do as I am told. They love taking turns abusing my young holes and trying to knock me up. They don’t know it but I secretly love being treated like a teen cum dumpster. I lie awake at night, fingering my cunny, hoping one of them will sneak into my room, eager to inflict their phone sex rape fantasies on me while I sleep. Incest is such a dirty little secret, but I think everyone lusts for a family member, especially a bratty teen sister like me. I tease them way too much in skimpy shorts and shirts that show off my huge tits. Maybe I deserve it when their cocks get hard and I get fucked. Come tell me what you’d do to me if I was your little sis. I may beg and scream but deep down, I really want it. Give it to me, big Bubba.

Mommies Should Be Sweet and Dirty

Adult phone chatNot all Mommies are the same.  There are those who are strict, mean and down right unpleasant.  You know the ones.  I was just telling Tommy that I hated his Mommy a few hours ago.  He came over here to wait for my son.  I could tell something was wrong the minute he came into the door.  He looked so sad. 

I finally asked him what was wrong.  At first he refused to tell me saying everything was fine.  That was a fib.  I gave him a nice tight hug and told him I was sorry he was upset.  He immediately started to cry.  It seems his sister had broken something that belonged to his Mommy but he got the blame for it.  He was spanked hard for it too.

I wiped the tears away from his eyes and I decided that he should see what a sweet Mommy was like.  I started to kiss him and he pulled away, but I rubbed his shoulders and told him that I would make him feel a lot better.  My son was on the phone with a girl so I knew he would be awhile.

I took Tommy into the living room and after a few more minutes I had his sweet cock gliding over my tongue.  By the time my son was done, Tommy and I were redressed and watching t.v.  Tommy gave me a huge hug before they left and whispered in my ear that he wishes his Mommy was a sweet and dirty as I am. 

Sexy Milf Morning Workout

sexy MILFA sexy MILF knows what she wants and gets it. This morning, I had my eyes set on the hot neighbor boy. I could see him working out from my patio. I decided to pay him a visit. I acted like I locked myself out of my house. I of course was just in my bra and panties. I made him believe the door shut behind me getting the paper. I saw his eyes bulge and his cock twitch checking my hot body out. He asked me if I worked out. “Only if there is a big dick involved,” I replied with a dirty grin. I tugged his gym shorts down and out popped a pretty thick hard cock. I decide to give my mouth a work out first. I swallowed every throbbing inch of his muscle down the back of my throat. He was not content just letting me suck him off, so I sat on his face and let him work his tongue on my swollen slit. I gave his tongue a work out. I was so fucking wet. I love having my pussy eaten, especially first thing in the morning. I didn’t need any lube. He got my cunt soaking wet for his love muscle. I lowered my body on his shaft. OMG. I let out a yelp as he stuffed my cunt with his fat barbell. He lifted me up and down on his shaft until we came together. We were both hot and sweaty. What a nice way to start the day off. A good workout with a big cock is better than coffee.

Erotic Bondage Stories For Rainy Days

Adult phone chat BoSharing in kinky erotic bondage stories on a rainy day is quite sensual. Curled up in bed we confide in each other those light bondage explorations. You share with me the adorations and submissions you enticed your lover in. My dirty secret submissions will become a role play you consume me with as I fulfill that deep, dark fascination.
Your submissive whore Bo is the perfect slave for you Master. Your ability to turn me on will be uncanny as my cunt becomes wet and glistening. Your big bare hand spankings on my bottom drive me wild. Do not let me wait too long Master. My submissive nature is the very thing that leads me into curiosity, trouble and a need for a Master.

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