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Sexy Mommas Have Some Fun

sexy mommasSexy mommas like to play together. Yes, I am a dirty p mommy who loves boy cock. But, school is back in session, which means not a lot of day time play time for this horny mommy. A few of my fellow naughty mommies and I decided to start a club. Like a book club I guess, but instead of sharing classic literature, we share incest stories. Give each other tips for having sex with young boys. We even discuss how to help new mommies be dirty mommies like us.

kinky fetish pornToday we were talking about boy jizz and how good it tastes. Of course this made us horny. Especially after I told everyone the cream in their coffee was boy batter compliments of my sons. We got so horny we started playing with each other. We were at my house, and I have lots of toys around. I broke out the double sided dildos and we bumped pussies and tits while thinking about boy seed in our mouths.

dirty mommy phone sexI had no clue it was a half day at school for my boys, so they walked in on the kinky mommy fun. They were so turned on they pulled out their little peckers. My fellow mommies pounced on my sons’ dicks. I’m not the jealous type. I know my boys have nice cocks. I like to share them, with fellow horny mommas and daddies too.

The darkness

adult phone chat makaylaI am different from everyone else. I have two very different sides to me. On one side I am a very happy teen who loves to fuck older men, but the other side is so dark it scares men away. Most men anyway. I am a victim and I love to be used and abused. Both of my personalities give me strength and power in some way. I fuck for my high and fuck to get hurt. I love being a victim more than a preppy whore. My dark side calls to me more than the other. I enjoy being surrounded by my sex and drug filled darkness. I think you would like it to. You can do what ever you want to me. Lets see if you can make my evil smile disappear.

Pepper Loves Adult Phone Chat


Adult Phone ChatI love adult phone chat! I love roleplaying and being your dirty little slut!

Do you want me to be your naughty maid and watch me get all wet and soapy on my hands and knees?

I would love for you to be my dominating boss and order me to serve you and suck your fat cock until the head is polished!

Would you want me to be your little girl and I could sit on your lap and tell you how much I love you, Daddy? I love being your little princess and letting you come into my room each night and show me how much you love me!

Or do you like it when I am your babysitter and you pay me in your own special way when you take me home! I get so wet when I feel those warm hands slide up my thigh under my cheerleader skirt! You get so close to my young tight pussy that you can almost feel the moisture dripping from it!

It doesn’t matter how dirty or kinky you like to get! I love it all!

But I do have some favorites! I love getting my tight pink rosy ass stretched by your big fat meat! I love squeezing your cock until you dump that load in my shit hole and I feel it dripping down my clit!

And I love sucking your cock clean when we are done!

What are some of your favorites? I will try anything!

I have no limits! The nastier, the better!

Don’t make me wait too long! I am already so excited just thinking about all the different ways we can fuck!


Teen Whore Alley

adult phone chat alleyHehe… I know I know – I am sooo young and just your little dream aren’t I? That just makes me blush and giggle at the thought. I love it so much when guys call me and they tell me how much they love my voice, my young, teen voice! They tell me I give them the best teen phone sex they have ever had; well of course I do – I AM A TEEN (DUH)! Just thinking about your big hard dick, maybe even a big hard Daddy dick gets my sweet little pussy dripping! I get wet super easily, did you know that? No of course not, because you haven’t called me to find out; not to be a smartass or anything. Daddy always says I’m being a smartass. Whatever. I am thinking about going to the doctor to see if there is something wrong with my pussy, because it is so very tight, and I mean TIGHT! Let me explain: Every time I have sex my tight little pussy feels like I am losing my virginity all over again, but I sorta like it? I don’t know, I’m just so so so tight! All the guys I have fucked and all the Daddy’s too, say I am the tightest they have ever had – which I think is a compliment! Because they are always like “Damn baby, you’re tight as fuck!” or “Are you still a virgin?” It makes me want my tight cunt filled with a fat cock, stretching out my tiny wet pussy. Speaking of stretching out – want to know a secret? I want to have my ass fucked sooo bad; I bet it is even tighter than my sweet young pussy! Call me, as usual I’m bored and horny and ready to be the teen slut you’ve been looking for!

kinky phone sex

adult phone chat belleI have a thing for my mothers boyfriends. I develop little school girl crushes on them. She has so many boyfriends I figure she can share. Recently my mother and my dad have tried rekindling things. The are now dating. He is coming over early to take my mom out tonight. I told my mom I would let him in and make him feel at home until she got there. Well call me the whore that I am, because I could not help but get into my skankiest attire to greet him. I gave him the tour of our house and when we got to my mothers room, I laid on her bed. I invited him over as I opened my legs for him. Hopefully my mom does not show up early and if she does, I hope she joins in on our family fun. Maybe I can join their date night tonight.

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex Blowjob Contest

dirty mommy phone sexDirty mommy phone sex is my specialty because being a dirty mommy is my lifestyle. My baby girl Morgan is my daughter, my best friend, my lover and my partner in crime. Because I love her so much, I wanted her to understand the importance of giving head. I didn’t want her just sucking any cock. She is my princess. She is worthy of only the best dicks. But, when she has a nice cock in her life, it is important to worship that cock. Honestly, women can control the world with head. Guys go weak for a blowjob, even a bad one feels good and leaves a dude incapable of fighting or arguing or denying his woman anything. Head puts men in awesome moods.

blowjob phone sexI was weaning Morgan off the bottle and on to cocks when she was just a little girl. Now she is a sexy little teen girl who can suck the chrome off a knob thanks to my tutelage. We share everything, especially cock; so when she brought home David from the mall last night, we both got to blow him. We love each other, but can still get kind of competitive. We had a suck off. David got to judge who blew him best. He couldn’t decide who to crown the blow job queen. I mean we both wore his spunk. We both sucked his balls. We both used our tongues and hands. We both could get him balls deep in our mouths. We both looked him in the eyes as we sucked his cock. I guess that is what happens when your mommy is a cock sucking whore and you are a quick study.

On Display

adult phone chat robynOh he was mad as hell when he came home. I knew as soon as he stormed through the door that I would be the one that made his day better. I would be the one to bear the brunt of all that frustration and tension.
He stormed towards me and grabbed my hair throwing me to the floor so hard that my knees bruised instantly. Shoving his cock roughly into my mouth he growled something that I couldn’t make out because I was gagging so hard. I could hardly breath and my own spit was covering my tits with in minutes. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and shoved me backwards so hard that my head bounced off the floor and I thought I would pass out. Ripping my panties off he filled my cunt and wrapped his hands around my neck, squeezing tight, taking my breath again. I could feel myself on the verge of darkness when I felt the hot sting of his opened hand across my face bringing me back to the moment.
After filling my cunt with his spunk he did something he never does, he cleaned me up and dressed me. I was so confused. And then I knew why. He hog tied me and threw me on the bed ripping my top opened and turning the computer video camera on.
He left me there all night while he went out. I knew he was laughing at me on web cam with his friends while he was drinking at the bar. Laughing while I squirmed around on the bed… phone chat computer

Daddy’s Girl

adult phone chat phoebeDaddy had a bad work day today and that always means that I have to help him feel better. He blindfolded me and tied me up to all four corners of the bed. He whipped me on my stomach for about 20 minutes until my abs were stinging. And then he choked me to the point where I almost passed out. As I felt myself fading he slapped me with his cock to wake me up and then told me to suck it. I blew him for as long as I could and when I thought I was going to black out from how he just choked me and then cock choked me. But he shoved his cock in my pussy and pounded out his frustrations on my cunt until it was stretched and swollen . He fucked me fast and hard until he came all over my body. He left me tied to the bed so the spunk could dry to my skin. As long as my master feels better I don’t care, I love it.

Dirty Phone Talk about Interracial Fucking

dirty phone talk BBCI like to have dirty phone talk about interracial fucking. I love to get my swirl on with some big fucking black cock. I don’t get why it is taboo for a white woman to fuck nigger dick? Look at the size of this cock I am playing with? Bet your white dick cannot compare. Personally, I think all the racial tension in this world is because white men are insecure about their little white dicks. They know they cannot compete with black dicks so they make up shit to scare white women away from black cock. Rarely works. White collar husbands like mine, hate the fact that a black gang banger can take his wife’s pussy when ever he wants.

adult phone chatBlack men have been fucking white woman for ages. It will never stop as long as white men have inferior little white dicks it certainly won’t stop. My husband can spew his racist crap all he wants. I know it is only because he is jealous that he cannot satisfy me. Black men love taking white women too. It’s like pay back for racial inequality. Payback is a bitch. I decided to teach my hubby a little lesson. I brought my black boy toy to our house to fuck in our marital bed that never sees any action unless batteries are involved.

sexy MILFI knew what time my tiny dick loser husband would be home, so I made sure I was riding a big fat nigger dick in our bed when he arrived. I took great pleasure in showing my pussy stuffed full of black meat to him after a stressful day at the office. He went ape shit. Tried to pull me off that black cock that was fucking me so good. Stupid man. My lover could knock him out with his ball sack. That is pretty much what he did too when my hubby yanked me of that beautiful fuck stick. My stud took his big black cock and slapped my husband across his worthless face with it, telling him to show me and him some respect. I grabbed my husband’s head and forced his mouth down on his shaft. “Black and white go together like peas and carrots, loser,” I told him as he got his first mouthful of black spunk. Some white men learn the hard way why white girls love black dick so much.

Sexy girls phone number…call it!

dirty phone talkI had a guy recently call me and he really enjoyed our call…he called my sexy girls phone number for some dirty phone talk.  Now, don’t knock it before you try it either. At first you might not like it, you will be begging to cum, but no, you can’t. After I finally let you cum you will see how hot it really is… it is like an explosion; the best orgasm ever!  Just when you think you can’t hold it anymore, stop. Don’t fucking cum. I might be your little slut, whore and cunt, but that does not mean you can cum whenever you want. I am the milf, the dominate one. You have to wait till I tell you to cum. I will tease you; tell you about all my nipple clamp fantasies and about how much I love to put nipple clamps on my sweet fucking clit…but you may not cum. Yes, I am still your little slut, and I do admit you make me so horny and wet, and teasing you just turns me on even more, but that’s okay – I’ve got these men here from the club we went to last night. You remember that room we rented? Yes, I might not have been able to get fucked by eight guys that night, but tonight, you will watch.  This isn’t my first rodeo. Don’t you wish you could cum like them? Ha, I know you do, you see him cum in my mouth and me swallow it all, you see my cum glistening in between my legs. You want that. You want me, you want to cum so bad! DON’T CUM! If you cum, I will not be your little fucking slut any longer, I will not look at my cunt and think to myself “This is all you are worth.” Because it’s only true if you only cum when Mommy says it’s okay.  Mmm, orgasm denial, fantasies, and all your naughty taboos are defiantly on my mind.

sexy girls phone number

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