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Adult Phone Chat Survey,”How Many Times Do You Jackoff?”

adult phone chat

I have always had this question for guys and never really got around to asking them. So when PaPa was out of town I thought that I would hit craigslist and find out from all of the guys just how many times do you jack off? I did not know how many answers I would get back but soon my inbox was flooded. So I decided I would post a second add asking guys to submit themselves to a little on-site test. I had a group of men show up at my place and all strip for me. 

how many times do you jack off

At firs they were kind of shy, but once I showed them my hot teen pussy they were ready to go! They all sat down so that we could start the games. I wanted to see how many times they could cum for me as I stripped for them. I stood in front of them playing with my sweet teen cunt listening to all of their groans and moans. It was so fucking sexy! I could not help but cum a few times myself. They all jacked off again and again, cumming, going limp, getting hard and then repeat. 

jackoff porn

In an hour no guy came less then 3 times, which I think was a really good record! I was so turned on by all of the specimens that I decided to extend my test. I gave them each the password to a secret cam site that I would be on everyday for a month. After a week I thought the number would drop, but somehow it doubled. Not only did my original viewers stay but they handed out the secret password. So the answer to my question of how many times, is more than I can calculate! 80,000 views later! 

Jackoff Porn Control: How Many Times Do You Jack Off?

jackoff pornDo you watch jackoff porn? Like 24/7? How many times do you jack off in a day? I bet you slap your meat all day long. So much in fact, I bet you can’t please a woman. Can’t get it up because you drained your cock dry. Or a woman’s pussy doesn’t feel like your hand so you struggle to cum. Chronic masturbators need cock control. They need me. If you play with yourself more than with your girl, then you have a problem that needs correcting . I have all sorts of games and gadgets I use on you chronic masturbators. When it comes to jacking off, too much of a good thing is bad. So put your dick down now.

I can put you in a cage if you can’t be controlled with games like red light green light. I can be trusted with the key. Maybe (giggles). I can tease and deny you all day long with my hot teen body. Cock control is for your own good. Look at me. Don’t you want to be able to last while you fuck a goddess? I will hurt that best friend of yours if you can’t get it hard for me. I deserve the best and the best is a hard working cock. So if you are one of those guys who can’t stop jerking his dick, you need me. I will make you the kind of man who hot bitches want. Of course this doesn’t apply to you if you have a tiny prick. If you are a one inch wonder, jack away because no self respecting girl is gonna want anything to do with that!

how many times do you jack off

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex Fun

dirty mommy phone sexDirty mommy phone sex is for horny boys who like to jizz all over mommy’s nice big tits. Like my boys! I have three sons. All at that stage in life where their dick is their best friend. Last night I was feeling very horny and craving boy batter cream. I went in to my youngest son’s room first. Sat on the edge of his bed, woke him up stroking his little pecker. I told him if he was a good boy, he would spray his seed all over my tits. Oh course he did. And without much help too. I kissed him goodnight and moved on to my middle son’s room. Woke him up blowing his little willy. He asked what was on my tits. I told him his brother’s cum. I encouraged him to out cum his brother. I pumped his nut sack as he jacked his cock and coated me with a thick load twice the size of his younger brother’s load. I know how to push buttons to get what I want.

Boy’s room #3 was next. I woke him up by sitting on his face. He said I tasted so yummy and extra wet. I explained that was because his brothers teased me with their little boy dicks but neither was man enough to shoot their spunk inside me. Of course this was a challenge in his teen mind. “Don’t rely on boys to do a man’s job mommy,” he said. His cock was hard at the thought of fucking me. I hopped on his hard pecker riding it until he dumped his boy batter in me. I went to bed with a pussy full of cum and jizz cover tits for a snack. This dirty mommy knows how to get all the cum she wants.

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Daddy Caught Me

My dad caught me fucking my little brother. My brother didn’t get in any trouble at all, but of course my dad made me go to my room and “wait for him” because we had to “have a talk”. I knew he was just jealous and mad because he hadn’t fucked me in what seemed like years and he never thought I would corrupt my little brother. He actually looked surprised when he saw my little brother going to town fucking my tight pussy.

He finally came into my room and told me how disappointed he was in me. He told me that if I needed a good fucking I was supposed to come to him. I tried to explain I was just trying to teach my little brother some tricks he can use with the girls, but my dad wasnt buying it. He sat on the bed and told me to bend over his knee. I was already naked, so the spanking started right away. It seemed so ridiculous at this age to be spanked, but I knew it was what got him going when I was younger.

jackoff porn
Sure enough his fingers found their way down to my already wet pussy and he began finger fucking me hard. He must have had nearly his whole hand inside and I was squirming trying to get away. Finally he let go and face planted me on the bed with my red stinging ass up in the air. He told me that he was going to fuck me like a man, not a boy, to teach me a lesson. He rammed me so hard I was screaming for him to stop. He didn’t listen, but he finally came deep inside my ass. He gave me one last smack on the ass as I fell over on the bed and he walked out.

Sleepover Surprise

adult phone chat Caprice (1)I spent the night with my friend Stacy Saturday and had a lot more fun than I was expecting!  Her Daddy, Mr. Coffey picked us up from school and seemed super interested in our sleep over.  I thought he was just the coolest Dad ever!  He ordered us pizza and we even got to watch an R rated movie!!  I was a little bummed that Stacy fell asleep so fast.  I was super bored but Mr. Coffey quickly fixed that!  He let me have a wine cooler all to myself!  Boy those things must be strong because I was giggling uncontrollably in no time and barely able to walk.  Mr. Coffey was like a super hero!  He picked me up in his big strong arms and laid me down on his great big bed.  I’m so glad Mrs. Coffey wasn’t home because I don’t think she would have liked that very much!  Mr. Coffey told me I was so pretty and such a big girl now and had developed so nicely.  I was a little confused until he pointed at my perky little tits.  I giggled and lifted my shirt to show him and asked him if he liked my itty bitty titties?  He groaned and showed me a surprise of his own!  He was so hard and so big and encouraged me to touch it and even to taste it.  Before I knew it, all of my clothes were on the floor and I was riding his face like a horsey!  I just kept cumming and cumming and when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, Mr. Coffey said he had one more surprise for me.  He flipped me over on my back and spread my legs and started to slide that great big thing inside me!  I was so scared, I thought it would being so big but soon my little hips started bucking eagerly for more of Mr. Coffey’s great big pleasure stick!  He had to cover my mouth I was screaming so loudly but then he found a new way to hush me up.  He pulled his great big cock out of me and put it in my mouth and gave me ANOTHER surprise!  I have to keep this secret of course but I sure can’t wait to have another Sleepover again!

Jackoff Porn Brings Families Together!

Jackoff porn

Hello there big sexy, My name is Morgan and welcome to my big beautiful home. Let’s take a tour! This is my beautiful mother. What is that she is riding on? Oh that is a big giant cock! See how she works it to perfection. I love watching cocks sliding in and out of her milf cunt. She really knows how to make jackoff  porn look so sexy. “What’s that mommy?” “Do you want a ride my sensual seen princess?” “Mommy, you are the best!” As I crawl over to the hansom black stud my Mommy has brought into out house I start to suck his cock.

Adult Phone Chat

There is nothing better then sucking ever last drop of juice off of him! I would not want the taste of my hot Mommy to go to waste. Mommy is even sweet enough to help me onto his cock. She guides his hard cock over to my cunt. I whimper as his big hard dick slides into my tight teen puss. “Fuck!” I scream out loud as he begins to fuck my hole with force. Mommy has always taught me to take a cock like a champ, and this guy is no different. As I continue to fuck him in walk dear old Dad. He works hard to give Mommy and I all of his money so we can buy lots of stuff!

Sexy milf

“What is going on you two?” Daddy! Can’t you see I am riding this big beefy stud?” I should at him, Mommy slapping my ass. “How come I can never play,” my Dad wines. He can be such a little bitch sometimes. “You want to play? Then come play!” I flash a glance at my Mommy and she winks at me. I could not help but giggle knowing she had a plan. She pulled his cock from my cunt and ordered my Daddy to put his mouth on that BBC! Of course he could not object either. Mommy forced his head hard onto it. 

teen phone chat

I giggled as Daddy cocked on every last inch of that huge black rod in this mouth. We kept forcing him to take it over and over again. Anytime he would try to back off of the cock, we would push him down again. I used his head as my own personal footrest as the stud sucked and played with my perky teen nipples. The black cock finally came all down Daddy’s throat. He wanted to play and Mommy was nice enough to let the ATM! He thanked Mommy for her time and gave her a couple grand and then ran out of the room. Welp, thanks for coming to a tour of or house,as you can see we love spending quality family time together, time for more cock now! 

Adult Phone Chat Trailer Trash Skanks

adult phone chat

When my bestie Evonne came over to my trailer it was like I was in trailer trash heaven. She always knows how to make this blonde slut happy! You know what that means right? Party Favors! The two of is were already bout to be way wasted, but we were going to be so high that even the sky couldn’t hold us down. Both of us were just token and laying back when we heard some coughing coming from the other room. “What the fucks was that,” she asked, coughing up a bunch of white smoke from deep in her lungs. I got up to check it out. My big naked tits bounced up and down. What would you know, it was a couple of Evonne’s little neighborhood sluts, with my bong and our week.

Jackoff porn

I grabbed the bong and yanked it from her stupid slut fingers! “What the fuck?” I turned and looked at Evonne and she just busted out laughing. I could not hold my composure after that, I started crackin up and told the hoes to get out of the bathroom. Evonne and I decided they needed to be punished. We leaned back, out sexy naked bodies on top of each other and demanded the little fuck sluts eat our cunts! That not being enough Evonne and I put on strap-ons and fucked each one in the ass. Then we switched and made them suck the other’s ass juices from it. 

Big bouncy breasts

Evonne and I could not stop laughing and giggling, but at that point we were really horny. Those little sluts were getting fucked but our cunts were not, and that was not good for anyone. We pulled out the double sided dildo and made those two get down on their knees and bump their ass holes against one another. They whimpered and wined as the large toy slid in and out of them. Then We took turns finishing off our own cunts with the strap-ons. To the sweet sounds of squealing little girls!

Wet Dreams

adult phone chat carrieMen think that they are the only ones that can have wet dreams but that is just not true!
Last week I talked to this guy that was so amazing that he made me cum three times on the phone!
I can’t get him out of my head!
I love a guy who can get me off! But all I can think about is his hard throbbing cock stretching my hungry little pussy…teasing it with drops of sweet man juice and then bursting, and dumping his load deep inside my warm little cunt!
I have become so obsessed with the idea of a cock stuffing my pussy that I am even dreaming about it! And last night I came so hard that it woke me up!
My pussy was twitching and seeping cream! It was so real!
I love it when a Man can turn me on that much and leave me wanting more!

Jackoff Porn For a Loved Caller Leaves Me Force Fucked Then Castrating

Jackoff porn

I love filling all of the needs of my jackoff porn callers. One caller in particular has this super sexy fantasy that is all things wild west. So as I worked at an amusement park, being a damsel in distress for some cowboys he watched in the crowd. They were to rob a bank and I must had gotten in the middle. They ripped off my dress leaving me in nothing but my petticoat and knickers. That was for the show. When I went backstage to my dressing room I caught him watching in the window. Before I could say anything 3 of my cowboy clad cast member bust into my dressing room! “What the fuck,” I shouted at them. One covered my mouth, and another shut the door while a third lifted me onto my dressing table. They began to force fuck me. Well at least one did. 

I did not give him any satisfaction. I stared into his eyes with the most menacing glare. He could have my cunt, and I would take him cock! He came all over my face and they laughed at me. I would deal with the other two later, I wanted him now. I told him I wanted more a couple days later, told him I wanted to tie him up this time. He was down for it as I stripped off my dress and let it drop to the ground. I pulled out his cock and started sucking it to make it hard. I wanted all the blood to that area. The knife behind my throat stayed hidden till he said “you are a fucking whore aren’t you?” Wrong! I took the knife and sliced off his dick. He screamed long enough for me to begin to fuck his throat with his cock. He would die out there, and I hoped they all thought he was a fairy fag too! Ass hole!

Naughty Neighbor Fun with a Sexy BBW

adult phone chat glendaI’m such a naughty neighbor! I have this young boy that lives next door to me. He has no sister; being raised by a single Dad, so no female in the house. This is not good for young boys. They need a woman in the house to jack off too. Steal panties, sneak peeks changing clothes, listen to fucking… This is how they learn about female anatomy. It was my neighborly duty to help this poor boy with his sex education. So, every night and every morning when a teen boy is at his hardest, I give him a sexy little show. Slow seductive tease so he doesn’t pop off too quick. Then when I can tell his cock is stiff as a board, I break out the dildo and fuck my fat pussy with it. I get so turned on that my juices squirt, hitting the window. Today, when I pressed my big bouncy tits against the window to lick my juices off that squirted there, I saw him shoot his wad on his window. I so wanted  to lick his seed of his window. I love the taste of cum. Got any to give me? Bet you wish I was your neighbor growing up!

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